Good Ad Tells Story of Pastor’s Daughter Turned Legislator

Sarasota, FL — Rep. Margaret Good, Democratic Candidate for Congress in FL-16, a digital ad today telling her story of going from a pastor’s daughter to state legislator.

“When you’re the daughter of a pastor, you get told where to sit, a lot. When you’re the little girl with the big ideas, you get told where to sit then, too. And even when you run for state house and win, they tell you where to sit when you get there. But no matter how many times they told me where to sit, they could never tell me where to stand,” Good says in the ad.

The ad highlights Good’s work as an independent legislator unafraid to buck party for the good of her constituents. She talks about how she stood up to corporate polluters to help pass bipartisan legislation updating Florida’s stormwater rules for the first time in over a decade.

Good’s record of fighting for her constituents is also a focal point in the ad. This spring she was a prominent voice advocating for the thousands of Floridians who were failed by the state’s broken unemployment system. She called for a special session of the legislature to fix the system and called on the U.S. Secretary of Labor to intervene to get people the relief that they need.

The 90 second ad, which will run on digital platforms will help tell Good’s story along with the 30 second TV ad her campaign released last week. Her campaign was the first to go up on television in the CD-16 race and remains the only campaign doing significant advertising in the Tampa broadcast market.