Flipping CD 16 Is Critical to Outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election

Concerning the House, the goal is to have a majority of states that have House delegations that are majority Democratic. If that were to happen, the House delegation count would be 26 Democratic state delegations and 24 Republican state delegations, versus the tally of 26 to 23 in the Republicans’ favor today (with one evenly split delegation). There are three states—Pennsylvania, Florida and Montana—which, by flipping one House seat in each, become majority Democratic delegations. According to the Cook Political Report, there are two Pennsylvania House seats currently held by Republicans that are sufficiently up for grabs to be in reach (the 1st and 10th Congressional Districts), two such seats in Florida (the 15th and 16th Congressional Districts) and one in Montana (a state with only one House seat but a Democratic governor and senator).